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Publications in press about us

Публикация в бизнес-журнале "Меркурий" о визите Липатникова Н.М. в Викрус


March 2013. Publication in the "Merkuriy" business magazine

2013-07-08-Навигатор-Коми №7.


July 2013. Publication in the "Navigator" magazine, Komi
http://navigator-kirov.ru/newspaper_articles/27837.html November, release in the topic of the issue "Kirov-style innovations" No. 46 (203)
http://navigator-kirov.ru/newspaper_articles/64716.html "House heat under reliable protection" No.3 (210)
 http://navigator-kirov.ru/newspaper_articles/31389.html Caravanning means freedom No. 48 (205)
http://navigator-kirov.ru/newspaper_articles/14088.html articles about the Internet Day No. 39 (196)
http://navigator-kirov.ru/newspaper_articles/6109.html Magic of Buryatia No.4 (161)
http://navigator-kirov.ru/newspaper_articles/6425.html Great features of FORD FOCUS No.9 (166)
http://navigator-kirov.ru/newspaper_articles/6625.html Renault Koleos business people prefer crossovers No.12 (169)
http://navigator-kirov.ru/newspaper_articles/34647.html House heat at any season No.49 (206)
http://navigator-kirov.ru/node/71633 the first bioreactor in the region