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Steam accumulator for the production of expanded foam

Паронакопитель для производства пенопласта

Steam accumulator is an integral part of the polystyrene (EPS) foam production line. It is necessary for two stages of production: when expanding polystyrene granules and when sintering foamed crumbs in a block mould or molding machine.

Granules expansion takes 1.5 - 2 minutes. During this time, a large volume of steam is required, provided by either a high-performance steam boiler or a steam accumulator. The second option allows you to save money both on the cost of the steam generator and the cost of steam production. The steam produced by the steam boiler enters the steam accumulator, accumulates and enters the pre-expander or block mould (in the production of expanded polystyrene blocks) as needed.

Our steam accumulators are sealed containers made of steel with a volume of 2.5 cubic meters or 5 cubic meters, tested under high pressure.

Паронакопитель для производства пенопласта
Паронакопитель для производства пенопласта
Загруженный для отправки перонакопительПаронакопитель для производства пенопласта

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